Cancer vs. Hospice: A Defining Moment For This 9-Year Old Boy

Back in November, I shared a heart-wrenching story with you about a special 9-year boy who was diagnosed with Leukemia.

His name is Donovan. And his mom, Audrey, is an admired member of our team at Get Lean In 12.

It’s been a very tough road for Donovan and his family since they received this unfortunate news.

He’s fought one health battle after another with seemingly no end in sight.

Two strong rounds of chemo. A destroyed immune system. Various infections.

Not to mention being stuck in a hospital bed. No school. No Sports. No playing outside.

Yet, after going through all of this for months, he STILL had 15% of the cancer left in his blood.

At this point, some of the doctors had given up. And they made a recommendation this wonderful family did not want to hear:

They should end treatments and move Donovan into hospice care.

They now have a major, life-changing choice to make…

Do they look for alternative options? Do they continue to help Donovan fight this deadly disease — at least with one more treatment?

Do they stop and succumb to this illness that has already impacted millions of people around the world?

Truth is, throughout your life, you also will be forced to make a few of these rare, crucial decisions. We all will.

Sure, they may not involve life or death, but these types of monumental decisions — and the actions born of them — will drastically change your life.

I call them defining moments.

And this decision, whether or not Donovan should be placed in hospice care, is certainly a defining moment for Audrey, her husband Paul, and all their kids.

“We are NOT giving up yet. We will look for another solution.”

Then they got creative. They researched all different kinds of medications and trials with Donovan’s oncology team.

After a lot of work, they found an experimental chemo treatment that might just be what he needed.

However, since the medication was designed for “relapse” patients only, Donovan did not technically qualify for it.

NO problem.

They just tapped into their vast supply of perseverance and faith — and worked strategically with the hospital to gain access to an exclusive supply.

Donovan immediately started the new treatment.

Now it was time to wait. And pray. And wait. And pray some more.

Until finally, by the grace of God and the ability of this new medicine, his final result was in:

This courageous and strong young man achieved FULL remission.

Praise God!

He then received his bone marrow transplant — given by his Dad — on March 5th.

(Which they now call his “second birthday” because God give him a second chance for a normal life.)

And as of April 14th, Donovan is finally back home.

He is still on meds and receiving some treatments. But he can now break bread with his family around the dinner table. And is slowly getting back into his school work.

Now just imagine: How different would this outcome be if his parents had given up?…

Hadn’t persevered?…

Hadn’t trusted God and made the RIGHT call about hospice care during their defining moment?…

Yes, it would have been an extremely difficult decision to stop all the treatments.

However, some doctors told them it would be their most viable option.

These professionals have the medical degrees. The experience. The expertise.

Plus, for many parents in this situation, hospice care really IS their only choice.

So wouldn’t it make the most sense to just follow the doctors’ orders?

Not this time.

Because the God of the universe is bigger than our circumstances.

The Holy Spirit told Audrey and Paul to keep going. Do NOT give up. There is a blessing hidden somewhere inside this mess.

So they were persistent. They didn’t stop. They relied on their faith in God as they faced one of the biggest decisions they will probably ever face.

And it’s a defining moment I’m sure they will never, ever forget.

Now, every time they look into their son’s eyes, they will remember the unfathomable immensity of God’s love.

First, He the life of His only begotten son, Jesus, for their sins.

And then, as an encore, over 2000 years later, He their son for a second chance at Earthly life.

It does NOT get any better than THAT.

You can learn a lot more about Donovan’s story (and donate if you compelled to do so) at the GoFundMe link below:

See Donovan’s Courageous Cancer Battle Here

Now it’s your turn…

What defining moments have you faced in your life? Maybe you’re facing one right now? Do you need more faith? More perseverance?

If so, drop a comment below and let me know. I would love to pray for you.

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” — Dr. Seuss

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